IDM Südtirol – Alto Adige
Film Fund & Commission

South Tyrol’s film funding program has operated as a financing and service partner for film and television productions since 2011. Founded as a department of the BLS Business Location Südtirol Alto Adige, the Film Fund & Commission is since 2016 a part of the newly created South Tyrolean organization IDM Südtirol – Alto Adige, whose areas of responsibility include the promotion of film in the province, among others. Every year the film fund  makes 5 million Euro available for production and development funding. One criterion for the awarding of funds is the economic regional-effect: it must be at least 150% of the requested funding sum.

In addition to film support in this narrower sense, IDM’s mandate also includes the following areas of responsibility: production and location services for projects that will be filmed in South Tyrol, promotion of South Tyrol as a film location both at home and abroad, and the development of South Tyrol as a film location from a professional point of view.

More information: www.idm-suedtirol.com/film