Nicola Maccanico presents newly founded Italian Vision Distribution at INCONTRI #7

Now in its seventh year, the IDM Film Conference is dedicated to mastering chances and challenges in the digital, on-demand audiovisual landscape. Once again we look forward to welcoming around 70 of the most exciting and most important film and television producers from the four INCONTRI markets, Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, to take part in this invitation-only think tank gathering. This year, for the first time, we are also joined by a delegation from Luxembourg headed by the Deputy Director of the Film Found Luxemburg Karin Schockweiler.

Together we will explore the next level of film distribution. With ambitious new players disrupting the traditional industry and its release windows, INCONTRI #7 will talk strategy from different angles of the value chain. Nicola Maccanico, CEO of Vision Distribution, the newly launched theatrical distribution operation by Sky Italia and five prominent Italian prodcos, makes his first major appearance on stage in this new role. In a conversation with Marco Chimenz, CEO of Cattleya, the joint venture partners will give a first insight into how they want to evolve the Italian film system. With roughly 20 titles released per year, Vision Distribution is supposed to break up the quasi-duopoly of Rai Cinema and Mediaset/Medusa in the Italian market. As Maccanico, former head of Warner Bros. Italy, recently told Variety „the world of distribution and broadcasters has found forms of collaborations in many different ways, but to have five producers as partners is unprecedented“. Sky’s partners Cattleya, Wildside, Lucisano Group, Palomar and Indiana Production together account for a significant portion of the domestic share of Italy’s box office.

On the TV front, INCONTRI #7 digs deep into creation, financing, co-production and distribution of modern high-end series. A growing number of exciting projects is pushed forward in new forms of collaboration between international partners with early involvement of world sales as an important enabler. Dr. Lisa Blumenberg, producer at Studio Hamburg’s Letterbox Filmproduktion, will contribute a very first look into and case study of „Credo“, her six-part financial thriller currently being shot in Frankfurt, Berlin, Luxembourg, London and Bahrain. The co-production with Luxembourg’s Iris Productions and German broadcaster ZDF in cooperation with Arte has an € 8.1 million budget and is distributed by France’s Federation Entertainment. According to Lisa Blumenberg, it is obvious that „national borders are obsolete in the investment banking sector. That is why the project was an obvious European co-production from the get-go, a story you can clearly tell from a German perspective, yet with an international relevance.“

With more exciting case studies, INCONTRI #7 will also tackle the rise of content marketing and the future of mobile storytelling – and what both mean creatively and businesswise for fiction producers. In a fireside chat, one of Europe’s leading Virtual Reality experts, Antoine Cayrol, managing partner of Paris-based Okio Studio, will show us the enormous potential and the new rules that apply to succesful storytelling in the VR sphere. Antoine’s latest production „Alteration“, a poetic VR trip into the future, has just been selected for a world premiere at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival.